MetaQuery: quantitative analysis of the human gut microbiome


Estimated abundances and results from statistical analyses

Job details:

Query type: function
Database: eggnog
Level: gene_family
Name: bactNOG04334
Description: Part of the ABC transporter complex lolCDE involved in the translocation of mature outer membrane-directed lipoproteins, from the inner membrane to the periplasmic chaperone, lolA. Responsible for the formation of the lolA-lipoprotein complex in an ATP-dependent manner (By similarity)

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The abundance of bactNOG04334 across gut microbiome samples:

The prevalence of bactNOG04334 across gut microbiome samples:

Association of bactNOG04334 abundance with clinical phenotypes:



pheno country case_n ctrl_n case_mean ctrl_mean p_value rank percentile
Ulcerative colitisSpain78660.0004550359977620.001348593547430.1877353003621028533.9282
Type II diabetesSweden53920.0002172517330720.0002059030133140.5491644221281734258.725
Crohns diseaseSpain17660.0003214617643290.001348593547430.7918694413162760691.7905
Colorectal cancerAustria64350.0001004718596965.79838266796e-050.831977378822570286.9587
Type II diabetesDenmark752770.0007035493842950.0005495444914060.8361212057112735289.6581
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Nayfach S, Fischbach MA, Pollard KS. MetaQuery: a web server for rapid annotation and quantitative analysis of specific genes in the human gut microbiome. Bioinformatics 2015;31(14). doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btv382